Alojamiento Rural Medina Sidonia, Cadiz   Calle Moritos 10
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Medina Sidonia
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How to get here
Medina right in the middle of Cadiz

Inside the historic quarter of Medina there is a main one way traffic system. La Tagarnina is located in 10 Moritos Street which is part of this circuit. Coming from Chiclana or Jerez the visitor will get to a roundabout with a fountain and a gas station where he should keep going towards the center of town (Centro urbano). After leaving an Arab Arch to the left, a hundred meters further the street turns right 90º to take Moritos street.

U.T.M. Coordinates (huso 30): 237.510 : 4.039.050

How to get here by car: Medina Sidonia lays practically in the center of the province of Cádiz. It has an easy access by car through the Jerez-Los Barrios highway (A-381) which runs below Medina´s hill and connects highway AP4 (Sevilla-Cádiz) with Algeciras Bay and the coast of Malaga. From Sevilla taking the AP4 Medina is a little more than an hour away.
Coming from the AP4 the exit is Jerez Sur-Algeciras, following directions to A381 Medina Sidonia Oeste. Coming from the South the second exit of Medina (Medina Oeste) must be taken to climb up the hill  until the old town is reached.
Coming from the city of Cádiz through the A48, the visitor should pass by Chiclana de la Frontera and then take the road to the left which leads to Medina (A390).

How to get here by aeroplane: The nearest international airport is Jerez de la Frontera (LJR) which is only thirty minutes away by car and which has connections with Madrid, Barcelona and several cities from Great Britain and Germany. By car from the airport follow signs for Jerez/Cádiz, then take the first exit for Sevilla/Cádiz and after passing by a big roundabout enter AP4 to Cádiz. Take exit Jerez Sur-Algeciras and then left to A381 highway to Medina.
There are connections with Great Britain from Gibraltar airport where highway A381 is easily taken from the South.

How to get here by train: The nearest railway station is Jerez (thirty minutes by car) joined with Sevilla by regional train (one hour) and with Madrid by Altaria (four hours thirty minutes).

Map of Medina Sidonia


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