Alojamiento Rural Medina Sidonia, Cadiz   Calle Moritos 10
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Medina Sidonia
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Medina Sidonia
Example of the White Villages

Located in the Fighting Bull Route, in the middle of the province of Cádiz, Medina Sidonia is a beautiful town halfway between the mountains and the sea. Part of its territory is inside the Alcornocales (Corkoak woods) Natural Park. With over 300 meters above sea level and only a few miles away from it, Medina is known as the province´s balcony.

In 2001, Medina´s old town was declared Historic and Artistic Location and of Cultural Interest by the Spanish Department of Culture. Within the city limits remain rests of several past civilizations such as Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths or Muslims which settled on Medina´s hilltop due to its strategic location.

Medina is a genuine example of the White Villages of Cádiz. Walking by its streets the visitor´s eyes will be caught by the contrast between the white walls, the black bars of the windows and the colors of the flowers in the “patios”.



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